Last weekend


No último final de semana fomos para a praia para fazermos um trabalho e o tempo que sobrou, usamos para caminhar um pouco e tirar algumas fotos, aproveitar aquele dia gostoso. Mas só tive tempo de editá-las hoje! Está difícil ter algum tempo livre ultimamente, e isso tem me deixado muito frustrada e sem saber o que fazer. Queria ter mais tempo pra fotografar, ler, ouvir música, postar aqui, entre tantas outras coisas, mas espero que seja só o final de ano que esteja tumultuando nossas vidas e que ano que vem as coisas melhorem.

(English: Last weekend we went to the beach to finish a work, and at the time we had left we walked around and took some pictures, enjoying that beautiful day. But I only had time to edit the photos today! It’s hard to have some free time lately, and this is frustrating and I really don’t know what to do. I wish I could have more time to photograph, read, listen to music, post here, among other stuff, but I hope it’s just the end of the year bringing too much noise and diziness to our lifes, and that next year everything gets better. And you, how are you feeling with the end of the year approaching?)









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  • I also lack of time and nature is one of my favorite subjects. here the temperature is very cold and that is difficult to go outside to take pictures. When the sun comes out I work and when the weather is bad, I’m in weekend. I hope I have better luck soon. I also like the portrait and you would be an excellent topic. You are also very pretty.

    • I imagine! With that snow and cold it must be hard to go out and photograph! And thank you so much for your compliments!! 😉

  • Vers nice landscape, lovely pictures, mainly the portraits, You look very nice.
    In Germany it is very cold at these days.
    I know your problem about the time to pratice photographie,I would like to photograph more, but there are a lot things to do befor.

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I imagine! Is it snowing already?
      Yeah, this is a problem for us that don’t work with it. But sometimes I ask myself: If I worked with photography, would I enjoy this as much as I enjoy right now?

      • I thing, if I worked with photography, I wouldn’t enjoy it äs mich äs right now. Because than you must take pictures and now i can do or not.
        No it’s not snowing, it’s only very cold.

  • Hi Lais
    Once again your pics and article are very good. Jaguaruna beach looks so much better when you take pics of it. About not having time enough just wait a few weeks more and the year has gone and you’ll have plenty of free time.

    • Thank you so much Dada! 😉
      And about having free time at the new year, well I’m hopefull about this! 😀

  • Amei as fotos !! E o blog também 😉

    • Muito obrigada!! Adorei seu blog também! 😀

  • Fotos cada vez mais bonitas! Fico feliz em ver e fazer parte da tua evolução como fotógrafa. Meus parabéns, meu amor!

    • Muito obrigada, meu amor! Com certeza teu apoio fez e faz toda a diferença! Te amo!

  • so incredible !